Horizontal / vertical Vessel

The vertical orientation is utilized when there is limited floor space, and the volume of the vessel is small. This orientation is also used in mixing tanks and has a high gas to liquid ratio. The horizontal vessel orientation is used in heat exchangers and flash drums. It is also used in settling tanks.

Jacketed/ Limpet / Tracing vessel

Jacketed pressure vessels are pressure vessels with a secondary pressure enclosure, installed on the shell or the dished heads of a pressure vessel in order to provide heating or cooling of the vessel contents.

Leg / Skirt / Saddle support vessel

A skirt support consists of a cylindrical or conical shell welded to the bottom head of the vessel. A base ring at the bottom of the skirt transmits the load to the foundations through the anchor bolts.

Pressure vessel

  • Horizontal / vertical Vessel
  • Jacketed/ Limpet / Tracing vessel
  • Leg / Skirt / Saddle support vessel